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Reproduccion sexual de las plantas sin flores


A general information on seeds: Its production, preservation and storage. Seeds are plant sexual reproduction unit aimed to multiply and perpetuate the species to which they belong; thus, they are one of the most effective elements to be dispersed both in time and space.

Seeds constitute the perennial mechanism that let plants endure from one generation to another. They Reproduccion sexual de las plantas sin flores also plant moving unit. Seeds are the means by which, even in a passive way, plants find new sites and microenvironments. Every crop must take into account seed quality for its success. Seeds are the starting point for production and it is essential to have a good response under sowing conditions to release vigorous seedlings for achieving top yield.

From a sustainable viewpoint, it is impossible to get a good harvest if it does not come from a quality seed, since any crop may have a lower quality than the seed sown, but it is never better than it.

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