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Manifiesto contrasexual pdf


It was originally written in English and Spanish and first published in France in This is the first publication of any portion of the manifesto in English. I recognize my body and all living bodies "Manifiesto contrasexual pdf" speaking bodies and I fully consent to never enter into a naturalized sexual relationship with them, and to never have sex with them outside of temporal and consensual contra-sexual contracts.

I declare myself a somatic translator: I renounce all the privileges and all obligations that could derive from the unequal power positions generated by the consensual use and re-inscription of dildos within the framework of this contract.

I resign all legal kinship both parental and marital that has been assigned to me within the heterosexual regime, as well as all privileges and obligations derived from them.

I resign all property rights over my sexual fluids and cells and over the production of my uterus. I recognize the right to use my reproductive cells only within the framework of a consensual contra-sexual contract.

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I resign all property rights over the body or bodies produced within the context of a contra-sexual reproductive practice. Dildotectonics is the experimental contra-science dedicated to the study of the birth, formation and uses of the dildo. Here the term dildo designates all kinds of technologies of gender and sex that resist the normative production of the body Manifiesto contrasexual pdf its pleasures. To make dildotectonics a critical branch of contra-sexuality is to consider the body as a dildoscape: Within the heteronormative regime, the term dildotectonics describes deviant and non-normal uses of the individual body, or a practice where several bodies make gender or have sex with dildos.

Dildotectonics locates gender and sexual technologies of resistance.

It studies their functioning, the ways in which they interrupt the flow of production of body-pleasure-capital not only within heterosexual but also within queer cultures.

Likewise, following Walter Benjamin, within the era of mechanical reproduction, a museum is always Manifiesto contrasexual pdf collection of dildos. Finally, all philosophy can be traced back to a more or less complex dildology. Contra-sexual translation of the dildo on a forearm or dildotectonics applied to an arm. The aim of this contra-sexual practice is to modify the ordinary uses of the sexual body, subverting theirbiopolitical reactions.

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It is a practice of sharing bodily energy and biopolitical meaning within time. Thus, the individual body is no longer private property but shared.

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