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Khaled abou el fadl homosexuality in japan


Don't have an account? The Muslim jurisprudence of minorities fiqh al-aqalliyyat or minority fiqh has emerged as a distinctive field of research in the wake of the post—World War II establishment of sizable Muslim populations in western Europe and North America. Although Muslims have lived as minorities throughout history, the minority condition itself was not considered worthy of systematic reflection on the part of premodern Muslim jurists. UCLA professor, once a...

The current debate on whether Muslims should devise a new understanding of Islamic law for minorities is therefore a thoroughly modern one, engaging a wide number of contemporary Muslim scholars and intellectuals. Scholars have debated and disagreed on whether the Muslim communities living in the West today are unprecedented and if so, what the bases for this novelty are. Abou El Fadl provides an authoritative account of the diversity and nuances of classical Muslim discourses on the minority condition.

Masud and Roy elaborate models for the minority condition in Islam. Van Koningsveld and Waardenburg seek to redirect research on Muslim minorities toward the study of normative Islam.

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