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Hookup in the dark kanal 5 2019


Please include grid reference 6 digits preferred but 4 digits will do or post code for your sightings. Grid reference can be obtained here. Most, if not all, sightings listed here with sufficient detail given, will be added to the branch database but see note below.

You can use the iRecord app to submit your records. Alternatively, you can enter your records using a spreadsheet which can be downloaded here for butterflies or moths. More details can be found on the General Recording page for butterflies and Moth pages for moths.

Photos are welcome and a selection will be posted on this webpage but please keep these to a reasonably small Hookup in the dark kanal 5 2019. Provide a link if your photo is Hookup in the dark kanal 5 2019 an external application like Flickr. Alternatively post your photo on Facebook. Another frosty start to the day, but lots of sunshine to bring the temperatures up to 11 or 12 degrees by lunchtime. Not much wind either. The local hotspots round here were all ivy patches.

David Hunt 26 Oct Stanwell Moor: A Red Admiral flew through at 4. A Small Tortoiseshell feeding on a Viburnum. Four butterflies in autumn sunshine this afternoon: I think it must have been hibernating in the suitcase I fetched down from the loft. I'm off to Italy for the week, maybe the butterfly sensed that and was hoping to hitch a lift to a warmer place? Malcolm Hull 19 Oct Harpenden Common: At Northfield Rd, Tring, there were no butterflies flying at all, despite the warm sunny afternoon.

A single Comma was perching on ivy. At Nomansland Common I saw 16 Small Coppers including the blue spotted aberrant form caeruleo-punctatawhich I've not often encountered at this site.

As with my last visit the Coppers' behaviour was impacted by the weather, in this case a stiff wind about 15 mph.

A few were flying, but most were sheltering either within the Heather, or flat on bare ground. Those perched were much less conspicuously positioned than on the branch Butterfly walk on 30th Sept. Just one adopted the curious "sideways" position with wings parallel to the ground.

One was perched with a more normal "head down" position. No camera sadly - but it didn't settle anyway. I was standing on the bridge looking at the crayfish and it flew along the bank within feet of me, flitted around for a moment and then carried on along the bank heading South Martin Parr 10 Oct Hounslow.

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Near the end of our very productive work party at around 2. Trent Park 'New Fields' This was a circular walk on public footpaths from the old Widford Station, to Wareside, up towards Noblands Green, across and back down to the River Ash at Widford. Much of the walk was in TL We were successful in finding eggs on three occasions but what was most significant was that - on the first occasion, we found three eggs on the same growth joint which was unusual.

The second elm where we found an egg was on the end tip and on closer inspection there appeared to be three eggs sitting on each other but this was incorrect as there was another egg underneath them.

Finally, 5 eggs were found on the end tips of some twigs of the same elm but again two eggs on two different end tips and a further singleton on another end tip. On all the occasions we have found eggs, we have never had so many multiple eggs on the same day. We Hookup in the dark kanal 5 2019 only assume that because of the hot weather, the females were 'too hot' to fly around and just kept laying eggs in the same place?

I have seen several of them in the last Hookup in the dark kanal 5 2019 weeks and I discovered that the moth is reaching epidemic proportions in London, and spreading out into the Home Counties. My 2 box trees have been decimated by the caterpillars. We set off around the Small Coppers favourite sites on the acid Heath.

We soon found our first Small Copper tucked up on the short grass. It readily crawled onto my hand seeking warmth and we could all examine and photograph it, although its wings remained firmly closed.

We next encountered a group of 3 Small Coppers all roosting on the stems of dead grass, about cms above ground level in a sheltered spot. After that the next 8 Coppers were all roosting on heather. We noticed they were all conspicuously positioned on or near the top of the heather, so easy to spot. All had their wings firmly shut and were turned sideways with the maximum surface area pointing towards the sky.

Next we found the feathers of a dead Woodcock, followed by another Small Copper roosting on gorse. We passed through the wood to the eastern side of the Common. The first Copper was hiding low down in the grass, the next four roosting in prominent positions on gorse about cms above ground.

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Finally we found one on the ground with its wings open, providing good photo opportunities. More were seen roosting on grass stems, gorse, bramble and knapweed, all prominently positioned and turned sideways.

After a very brief glimpse Hookup in the dark kanal 5 2019 sun we found an upright Copper rubbing its wings together getting ready to fly. Maybe this unusual sideways roosting is a way they can detect if the sun is about to come out and once it does they get ready to fly.

Unfortunately we saw no more sun, but there were a couple more Coppers in flight before we got back to the car park. Just as we finished Jackie drew attention to a Common Blue, roosting on a grass stalk in a more characteristic heads down position. In total I recorded 31 Small Coppers1 Common Blue and two cocoons vacated by 6-spot Burnet Moths - not bad for an afternoon of 14 degrees and only 30 secs of sun! A pleasantly sunny day with the following butterflies seen: However the other 12 stayed hibernating.

This afternoon I visited a disused gravel pit on the east side of town. A shorter walk today with reduced numbers a consequence: Managed a complete walk today during a lull in activity on the Marshalling Yards with the following sightings resulting: Reduced numbers in today's sunshine in part because I omitted the central Marshalling Yards loop where clearance work is under way, and tidying away of nectar plants on the Pevensey loop has made it harder to find butterflies there.

Still, a dozen butterflies and 7 species though: After the wet weekend, sunshine this afternoon led to butterfly sightings resuming much as they'd left off: I have seen several individuals of this species outside its usual sites in recent weeks, supporting predictions of a strong third brood.

Why not join me on the afternoon of Sunday 30th for a stroll round its stronghold at Nomansland Common near St Albans to see if we can beat my record count of 70? Details on the walks and talks webpage Malcolm Hull 21 Sep Hounslow. Blustery conditions and some rain but surprisingly reasonable numbers of butterflies: On Hookup in the dark kanal 5 2019 breezy but frequently sunny afternoon walk the highlight was another sighting of Clouded Yellow, once again in the Heather field near the railway.

This individual also seemed reluctant to fly far and settled on the underside of a Willow? After a short stop and walk 50 or so yards further I had a further sighting of a Clouded Yellow, this time flying strongly over trees.

As it could well be the same individual I'm including only 1 in the following stats.: Surprisingly good numbers of butterflies on a warm, intermittently sunny,afternoon: Robert Callf 15 Sep St Albans - unmistakable signs of Box tree moth larvae damage on a small box plant in my garden. The first record I'm aware of for St Albans, but unsurprising as it has been spreading rapidly in our branch area.

A good time to remember that we have a Butterfly Conservation guidance note on this species, aimed at discouraging spraying.

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