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Famous duets love songs


Some of the most romantic songs Famous duets love songs have been duets, chances for people who, romantically involved or not, enjoy performing together enough to create a love song that touches couples for decades to come. These songs create the perfect mood for weddings, anniversaries, or even a karaoke date.

It could take you forever to wade through cheesy and badly-sung duets to create the perfect love song playlist for Valentine's Day or a romantic evening. To save you the time, and the musical pain, I've compiled the ten best love song duets in reverse order from the last forty years. You'll find the lyrics and music videos for each of them included here. Please vote for Famous duets love songs favorite love song duet in my poll, as well.

If the duet you love best isn't listed here, drop me a note in the guestbook at the bottom and I'll check it out. You never know if I'll bump it up on my list! In the meantime, check the comments for a lot of great suggestions from other readers.

Cruisin' came from "Infamous", a film where Gwyneth Paltrow was meant to be Huey Lewis's daughter, but Smokey Robinson's lyrics belie that idea.

Love Song Duets: Two Voices...

This Famous duets love songs a love song, pure and simple, and fun to boot. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw had a huge hit with It's Your Love in the midst of their own love and gave us another lovely duet with which to celebrate our own, and the truth of the lyrics for which are proven by their own enduring marriage. If you disagree, vote now and change the results! If you vote "Other", please add your favorite duet in the comments. I'd love to hear even more beautiful love songs.

While you may find it difficult to conceive of Elton John singing a love song to a woman named Kiki, Don't Go Breaking My Heart is all about holding on to your love through thick and thin.

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross...

Famous duets love songs We've finally made it to the s, too. I promise, it's better than it looks. While not strictly a love song, when performed as a duet Carole King's You've Got a Friend is a moving song of love through adversity.

Read the lyrics and see if you agree that this is a romantic song. The videos with Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway's moving version keep getting nuked, so if this one isn't working please let me know and I'll see if I can't find yet another one.

Not all love songs have to be slow and sappy, as Marvin Gaye demonstrated with this beauty of a duet with Tammi Terell. It's tough to take a guy named Peabo seriously, but this is, indeed, a seriously romantic duet.

Naturally, live videos of Peabo Bryson with Roberta Flack have been taken down. But I found another.

Talk about the pathos of...

I don't know who the woman singing is but if you do I'd love to put a name to her voice! I promise that not all of these love song duets came out in the s, but here's yet another that did.

Talk about the pathos of...

Islands in the Stream was a huge country-crossover hit for Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, and one that people still love.

As for the lyrics:. Who else remembers Crystal Gayle's hair down to her ankles? Whatever the fashion statements, You and I remains a beautiful love song, sung in duet with the then-fashionable Eddie Rabbit. Yes, first romantic Peabo and now a Rabbit. Any quest for love song duets must start with Endless Love. It's named as the best love song and wedding song on nearly every site I researched in building this list. In addition, it's got two gorgeous "Famous duets love songs" and some of the sweetest lines ever written.

Here are the lyrics, although they don't do justice to the romance of Famous duets love songs song:. If this list just leaves you wanting more, try some of these lists of the love song duets that other music fans adore.

20 Best Love Songs By...

Please share your favorite love song duets, your comments, and anything else you'd like to add. Don't forget to vote in the poll, above, too! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I know that this is crazy, but I heard a male-female duet once, only one time, I was on a rush so I Famous duets love songs know anything about, but I just remember that it was in the time of Delta Goodrem and Brian Mcfadden - Almost Here, I just remember what I saw quickly, that the singer, I think he looks somehow like Rea Garvey but with longer hair and it was a duet with a female singer that I remember almost nothing about Famous duets love songs, and they were sitting in a cafe or a restaurant, it was cold there, maybe the Christmas time!!

I don't know but I'm just dying to find that song!!! I really hope if anyone would help me in that! I'll really appreciate it soooo much, Thank you so much in advance. My favorite that I've done before is newer than the songs on this list, and is in a kids movie. Mine is can you feel the love tonight from the lion king. I finally know what the song is. I love most every song that you put on the list.

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