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Does link ever hook up with zelda


SinceNintendo's Legend of Zelda series has defined epic fantasy adventure in video games, with 19 titles spread out over every console the company has made. Through all that time, the relationship between Princess Zelda and her eternal champion, Link, has been at the core of the franchise.

The thing is, it's one of the weirdest relationships the medium has ever seen — and for video games, where romance is usually embodied by a plumber saving a princess from a megalomaniacal dragon turtlethat's saying something.

It might look like the standard hero-princess trope, but over its many incarnations, their complicated history has weaved its way through secret identities, a timeline that can only exist because of Link's failures, a disturbing lack of communication, and, perhaps most surprisingly, a really prominent example of ichthyophilia. You might not have noticed them at first but once you start, you'll never stop seeing the truly bizarre things about Link's relationship to Princess Zelda.

In most Does link ever hook up with zelda games about saving princesses, you actually have to, you know, save the princess. That's when the relationship is fully formed, with the customary smooch and a pixelated heart floating above their heads to signal a happy ending for all concerned.

In The Legend of Zelda series, on the other hand, saving the princess isn't actually mandatory. In fact, if Link did save Zelda from Ganon every time, we wouldn't have most of these games. In Hyrule Historiaan oversized art book that chronicles the in-universe history of the Zelda games, it's revealed that a fair number of titles in the series, including the original NES Legend of Zeldahappen in "Does link ever hook up with zelda" called the "Fallen Hero" timeline.

This is the timeline that we get when Link fails to stop Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Timebecause that game's idea of alternate universes apparently wasn't complicated enough.

That means that for all their connection through the Triforce and the destiny that unites Link and Zelda, half the time their relationship is either doomed to failure or rooted in it. Of all the weird things about Zelda and Link's relationshipthe weirdest of all might be the fact that the forces of destiny have ensured that there's always this other guy just hanging around, which only gets weirder when he occasionally turns into a giant magical pig-man.

As you might've noticed, there's a reason that it's called the Triforce and not the Biforce, although judging by some of the fan-art that we've seen, Nintendo could probably turn a tidy profit throwing that one in there, too. The point is, they're part of a destined relationship that transcends the very concept of time, ordained by the gods themselves, and unfortunately for them, Ganon's a part of it, too.

At the very least, he's going to be tagging along on Link and Zelda's dates with an army of Octoroks and Moblins, so they might as well get used to him being there.

clear that Zelda is in...

Does this mean they should form a polyamorous triad with Ganon? He is, after all, a pretty terrible person in most of his incarnations, what with all the kidnapping of princesses, destruction of kingdoms, and a litany of other crimes that include transforming into a ten-story razorback.

Still, given that every single game in the entire franchise is built around an unbalance in the Triforce, we imagine that an awful lot bad things could've been avoided if they just invited him over for dinner once in a while.

The thing is, it's one...

Forgive us for stating the obvious here, but Princess Zelda is, well, a princess. At the very least, she's a member of the ruling family of an entire kingdom, complete with its own army. Taking all that into consideration, you have to wonder why she keeps putting the fate of the world in the hands of a single sword-wielding tween. Call it destiny, the Triforce, or the nature of being a hero reincarnated across thousands of years if you want, but we have a word for it when someone gives an incredible amount of power and responsibility to someone who Does link ever hook up with zelda far less qualified than others just because they have a connection that's not related to their jobs.

did, in fact, get married...

That's called favoritism, and just because someone can shoot laser beams out of a magic shard of metal, that doesn't make it fair. Throw in the possibility of a romantic relationship, and the Hylian royal family's HR department is going to be working overtime trying to cover up this one.

As the name Does link ever hook up with zelda, the Triforce is a split into three parts: Courage, Wisdom, and the vague and necessarily ominous Power. Ganon has the Does link ever hook up with zelda, of course, and Link, whose bravery often leads him to do things like jump off cliffs while holding onto a chicken, is forever bonded to Courage.

That leaves Zelda as the mortal incarnation of Wisdom, which makes sense. She's often depicted as the wisest member of the cast by far, whose maturity and stoicism allows her to undergo even the worst that Ganon has to offer with a poise and grace beyond her years. And then there's Link, who mostly communicates through grunts and screaming, and spends the majority of his time smashing up cookware and running face-first into trees. With his country-boy origins and large collection of swords, he's basically the high-fantasy equivalent of a redneck who lives in the woods and — unless you count swimming under various Octorok-infested waterfalls while fully clothed — has never once been canonically depicted as taking a shower.

And yet, there's no denying that there's a spark between them that goes well beyond friendship or a knight's fealty to his lady.

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