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The guy im hookup still active on


Tis the season for the Mefi Mall - shop fine products by Mefites! Why is he still going to Match. May 19, 4: First off let me say I AM going to have a talk with said gentleman once I get some feedback from everyone here, but right now I'm confused and afraid of getting hurt and need input on the situation.

So I probably don't have the street smarts I need for this kind of thing. A little over a month ago and six months after the end of a 1.

I met this Mr.

But online dating is still...

I went to Match. Guess the serial daters had just moved up a notch. Was about to cancel my membership and go to eHarmony, when Match offered a subscription to their similar new venture, Chemistry. So I signed up. Chemistry promotes the kind of LTR I'm looking for. You have to answer a lot of questions and they send you a few matches rather than letting everyone search their database and mail anyone they like. For me, this works. I hoped to find the man I would eventually marry.

So I get a few matches who seem far and away above the guys whose profiles are on other sites, but for one reason or another they're just not quite "it. So many of the things about him just clicked with me. We went through all their guided communication stuff and it just kept clicking, as did our in-person meeting. Lest you think it's simply that he's a hottie I must say he's just an average guy in the looks department. Right has been divorced for six years and hasn't had The guy im hookup still active on steady relationship in two years.

He is also a single parent. Match offered him the same deal on Chemistry as they did me. I never saw his profile on Match during the short time I was on it, but after he told me that was how he'd come to Chemistry I found it and checked it out.

That's when I saw that it said "Active within 24 hours. I, on the other hand, pulled my Match profile after going over to Chemistry, not wanting to be spammed by Mr. And I've since cancelled my Chemistry membership as well, though I paid for a period that will not end for another month and a half.

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