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How do you hide pictures


How to Hide Photos...

Phones How to hide photos on Android Trying to conceal pictures of your significant other? With "military grade" encryption, the app secures your photos with a PIN, pattern lock, or fingerprint. Best Secret Folder even keeps a record of every login attempt, so you can know exactly when someone tried to get into your hidden folders. Secret Calculator is exactly what it sounds like — behind a working calculator, the app can hide all of your secrets. It won't show up on your "Recently Used" apps list.

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How to hide photos on Android

So you want to know how to hide photos on your iPhone, eh? We consider that the way to really, genuinely hide photos on your iPhone. But for even more custody, you can also use an app to hide photos and videos in a secret photo album on your iPhone.

Conspicuous up to iPhone Life's Notify of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a caution each day to save every so often old-fashioned and get the most to of your iPhone or iPad. Hidden photos on iPhone are simply put in the Arcane Photo album, which isn't off the record or password protected. Anyone who looks through your photos intent still be able to allot the supposedly hidden private photo folder on your iPhone. But if you really want those pictures hidden, we recommend using the second part, which devise show you a way to really, truly hide photos on iPhone from prying eyes using the Notes app to exhort a private picture folder on your iPhone.

For operating systems through iOS 10, hiding a photo on your iPhone means the photo is hidden from Years, Collections, and Moments. You view hidden albums by start the Hidden album, which means the security on your Unseen private photos album is next to nothing aside from the passcode to unlock your implement in the first place. To view your hidden photos, spile on the Albums tab in the Photos app. Find the album called Hidden and unplug on it it will be down at the bottom of your screen, under Other Albums.

  • Hidden photos on iPhone are simply put in the Hidden Photo album, which isn't private or...
  • How to Hide Pictures on Android. If you have pictures you'd rather other people don't see on...
  • When you hide an image from your Photos library, it effectively disappears from your main photos view (which...
  • Trying to conceal pictures of your significant other? How about those pics of yourself flexing in the mirror? Here...

Samsung Nexus S 4G

Learn how to hide and unhide photos, plus where hidden photos are in the Photos app on iOS 8. Now that you where to find your photos in iOS 8 , let us discuss a new feature of iOS 8 that lets you hide photos. In the Photos app, you now have the option of deleting or hiding photos.

Neither choice, in fact, removes a photo immediately from your iPhone. When you delete a photo, it gets sent to the new Recently Deleted album, where it'll stay for 30 days before being permanently deleted. Each thumbnail in the Recently Deleted album shows you how many days it has left before it'll get tossed for good, and you can take immediate action by selecting photos from this album and deleting them a second time, which removes them from your iPhone on the spot.

In addition to changing the photo deletion process, Apple has added a new feature that lets you hide photos from the Years, Collections, and Moments views but not from Albums, including the Recently Added album. To hide a photo, tap and hold on a photo or its thumbnail till a small dialogue pops up with two options:

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He rejected me but still contacts me?! When you hide an image from your Photos library, it effectively disappears from your main photos view (which includes Moments, Collections, and Years). Trying to conceal pictures of your significant other? How about those pics of yourself flexing in the mirror? Here are some options for hiding..

How do you hide pictures

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