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Sex is not hookup if it were santana and i would be hookup


You've probably noticed that I am a big softie. I come in and post something saying it's a one-off, but when people ask for more, I nearly always cave in. The turn this chapter takes towards the end surprised me as well. This isn't a very good story, it's just my fun, really. Quinn looked up in surprise when the door to the dorm opened and Santana walked in.

She had just proofed her latest essay and was planning on watching a movie before going to bed. She took one look at her roommate and knew instantly what was going on. I noticed how boring it was as soon as I stepped inside, so I went to find myself some hot guy to hook up with. I had found one and he was relatively sober, so we took it upstairs.

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GLEE- Brittany and Santana's first kissing scene

Quinn-Santana Relationship

Sex is not hookup if it were santana and i would be hookup
  • They seem to have a competitive on-off friendship at times, and a...
  • I'd like to thank hangover for the idea for this story.
  • Glee's Santana and Quinn Have Sex in “I Do” —...
  • scene from earlier in the season when Santana said, "Sex is...
  • Its pivot has 2 modes.

  • Santana says thinking back to her talk with Quinn after their hook up. "No we're not, I'm...
  • With a Little Help from a Friend Chapter 2, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

What's the longest you have gone without an interest in anyone? Glee's Santana and Quinn Have Sex in “I Do” — What Does It Mean In fact, when she and Brittany (Heather Morris) were hanging in Episode 13 “Diva,” we couldn't help but hope they'd throw down their LDR problems and confess New Jersey Drivers With No DUI's Getting A Big Pay DayAuto Savings. The episode was the most sexually charged of season 4, if not the entire series. adorable Dani Shay) as Emma's niece, who happens to hook-up with Artie. Thumbnail for Sam Smith comes out as gender-nonconforming..


  • Quinn also mentions that she's "not into that." She thought Santana was talking about having sex with each other, as she knows that In the Assembly they sit together and when Will says Glee is making a comeback, they smile at each other.
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Brittany and Santana’s 7...

I don't mind picking up the pieces, I'm your friend, but I do mind if I have to do it every other day. Just thinking about them makes her cry even more. They surprise Rachel and then went straight to business. Now get up and get your sexy ass over to the bed. She's not even sure if Santana's even staying here since they hadn't said anything to each other at the wedding. Santana makes a proposition to The God Squad , which Quinn is part of, to deliver a love song to Brittany.

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