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Finger length homosexuality and christianity


A growing number of studies suggest homosexual orientation — in sheep, rodents and humans — has genetic and hormonal roots. As the culture wars rage over gay Finger length homosexuality and christianity, a flock of sheep at Oregon State University may help answer a key question behind the controversy: Is homosexuality a matter of choice or biology? In a bold test of his ideas, he hopes to engineer the birth of gay rams by altering conditions in the womb. Despite those scientific findings, some religious groups say homosexuality Finger length homosexuality and christianity a lifestyle that can be treated, if not prevented.

One such group, the "Finger length homosexuality and christianity" Christian organization Focus on the Family, is sponsoring a one-day conference in Bothell Saturday.

The social and political implications of the research are impossible to ignore, leading to unease on both sides of the gay-rights debate. If science proves homosexuality is innate, is there any basis to deny gays equal treatment — including the right to marry?

Volunteers needed Researchers will recruit gay men with gay brothers in Seattle this summer to participate in a national study on the genetics of sexual orientation. Scientists will analyze blood samples from 1, pairs of gay brothers across the country. Representatives will be at the Seattle Pride Festival June More information on the five-year study is available at www. Much of the cutting-edge research is being conducted in other countries, because the political pressure cooker in the United States makes it difficult for scientists to get money, said Brian Mustanski, who juggles studies of the genetics of homosexuality with his main work on HIV prevention at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Austrian scientists reported this month that switching a single gene was enough to make female fruit flies rebuff males and attempt to mate with other females.

And last fall, Italian scientists offered a possible explanation for the persistence of gay genes — even though evolution tends to weed out traits that discourage reproduction. The team from the University of Padua found that mothers and aunts of gay men had more offspring than female relatives of heterosexuals, suggesting genes that influence homosexuality in men may increase fertility in females.

That the evidence comes from such disparate directions leads scientists to suspect several different biological pathways may lead to homosexuality.

Both genes and hormones appear to be important. Nor do researchers discount the possibility that social factors may play a role. Sheep Experiment Station in eastern Idaho, where federal researchers keep a herd of 3, to study genetics, breeding and grazing impacts.

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