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Who is siva from the wanted hookup


And we spotted at least two friendly kisses between these young gents. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of entertainment boybands jaymcguiness stories and more 62 Comments alejandro it was so random…!?!?!

I have to assume they are all gay unless otherwise proven. The video was horrible, all the back dancers were giggling and showing off some horrid dance movies.

I definitely think the one in the vest is gay. But they could all be gay. Basically the only people that will fully understand this video is the twfanmily! Sadly, the American music industry is exceedingly homophobic towards male-male sexuality. It would not allow this sort of video from an American boy band. I dont care what you say they are not gay, its supposed to be a silly video to raise money for comic relief at least they did something.

Like the gay members listed, the gay members of these bands will eventually come forward.

I love every bit of...

The second that retirement becomes inevitable or the spotlight starts to wain, the gay member will come out before anybody can blink!! They all look pretty gay in the Glad you came video. Trying to do sexy scenes with females but all looking terribly bad and unnatural at it. I am SO sick of autotune being used in pop music. Even less play any instruments. This is glorified titillation for teenaged girls.

Being a part of the...

Max is engaged to Michelle Keegan aka Tina from Corrie. As for Jay and Nathan; Nathan doesnt have Who is siva from the wanted hookup girlfriend because the group lost so many fans when he was linked to Cher Lloyd; and Jay has said in interviews; he hasnt founf the right girl yet. They are so close to the fanbase TWFanmily they would have told us. And as for them having no talent; there manager Jayne Collins knows what she is doing; she knows what the music industry needs.

So before you start running your fingers like keyboard worriers; think what your going to say before you say it. Look at warzone and the sexy Nathan play piano. I hope they are all gay.

While there's seemingly no official...

The Wanted is your typical moronic British boy band. They are marketed as heterosexuals.

I love every bit of...

The Brits are idiots and this proves it. I am gay, and i hope one at least one of them is gay, they are to cute to all be straight. S its a gay website, what are you doing here? They are a fun, hip aspiring band, that is appealing to any sex. They "Who is siva from the wanted hookup" good music and that comes first. Get a life, people!! Is this song a reference to The Outsiders, or what?

Oh and yes they are totally gay — as in like to have sex with other guys. Except the fuzzy headed one. He seems straight to me. But who really cares?

NON of them are gay! Tom has a girlfriend too Kelsey Hardwick. Siva has a girlfriend Nareesha Mccaffrey. I can tell you all one thing……they Wanted boys are not gay.

People have got to stop saying things like this about them. All 5 boys are straight, hot guys. No wait sorry…3 music videos with girls. Now all these rumors gotta stop.

None of the members of The Wanted are gay, they did that music video for charity and were just being silly. They already confirmed that none of them are gay. Stop spreading rumors, just because they are in a boy band doesnt mean any of them are gay.

IRISH popstar Siva Kaneswaran shot...

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