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Where to meet women under 21


The PUA community runs rampant with all sorts of products aimed at helping you guys talk to girls; there are e-books about fashion and lifestyle, audio recordings that teach you hypnosis, and everything in between. However, no how-to guides seem to be geared towards those who are often most alone in their quest to becoming amazing with women: The fact is, there are many ways to get around the drawback of being an under 21, and there are many ways to meet and talk to girls.

But before we focus on the solutionslets determine exactly where the problems lie. There ARE some ways around this though… Read on to discover solutions. Read on to learn how to remedy this. They may or may not be correct in these assumptions. Whichever one is the case, there are ways around it, which I will address momentarily… Patience, young grasshopper. Either way, you NEED to find other social groups as Where to meet women under 21.

More on that later. These are the 4 main drawbacks to sarging and trying to talk to girls for the under 21 teenager.

Although there is a small quantity of drawbacks, the nature of them can be a bit overwhelming if you want to meet women. No need to worry though; each of these problems can be rectified with proper planning and hard work. So how can you fix these annoying and often persistent issues?

I can tell you from watching some of my younger students do it that it can be easily overcome. I will tell you though that it DOES take some effort.

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