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Single target sexuality tv tropes


Alice has never really been in love with anyone else but Bob. Not even porn can do it for Alice, unless Bob is in the porn. If Bob turns into a girlAlice will still be hot for her. If "Single target sexuality tv tropes" is technically more than one personAlice will love all of them, to the exclusion of everyone else that does not inhabit Bob's body. The only way you can describe Alice's sexuality is "Bob-sexual". Sometimes a serious character type, sometimes a joke said by Charles to describe Alice's infatuation with Bob.

Sometimes it gets to the point where Alice becomes a Stalker with a Crush or something similar. Disinterest in attractive people of an appropriate gender, other than one's love interest, is commonly shown as an indication of being deeply in love; whether this is Truth in Television varies between couples.

Many shippers tend to believe "Single target sexuality tv tropes" One True Pairing is affected by this. This trope is when someone's only attracted to one person at all. If the person is a solo exception to someone's normal sexual preferences, it's If It's You, It's Okaybeing hetero- or homosexual plus one, rather than asexual plus one. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

Justin probably can't bring himself to picture Elliot with "heterosexual" under his face. He's not homosexual, he's Prince-sexual. It might be more Single target sexuality tv tropes to say that she's Misaka-sexual, since she also thought Mikoto's mother was a hottie.

My Goddess is Keiichi-sexual. Especially applicable in that Keiichi was once gender-flipped into a woman, and Belldandy didn't care a whit except caring in that Keichii himself was somewhat dismayed. Guy and Iason from Ai no Kusabi are this for Riki. However, Iason is quite literally Riki-sexual.

All of the other Elites are asexual except for him who develops lust and then love for Riki. The manga Ai Kora appears to be this Single target sexuality tv tropes main plot, as the main Single target sexuality tv tropes Hachibei Maeda only finds attraction in women who have his "Ideal Parts".

He shows no interest in women who do not have these parts. Naoi from Angel Beats! Akira had never had a crush on anyone before dating Fumi, and in the end she is never shown ever being attracted to anyone else. Also Sister is very much Maria-sexual. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan seems to be strictly Eren-sexual. Sweden could be interpreted as either "Finn-sexual" towards Finland or making an exception for him.

Spain could, from an angle, be viewed as "Italia-sexual". He's proposed to both of them, is extremely affectionate to Romano and thinks Veneziano is adorable, and yet doesn't show much of this to any other characters.

Holy Roman Empire is Ita-sexual. Some fans will tell you this doesn't count because of the Germany-is-HRE theory, making this a double-submission. No matter how many hundreds of years go by, I'll always love you more than anyone in the world! I love that kind of thing.

Katchoo in Strangers in Paradise only has eyes for Francine. Oh, sure, she has a history of wild promiscuity covering men and womenand another history of a slightly less amusing naturebut when it comes right down to it Francine has always been the only one for her. David grows to accept this and, eventually, so does Francine. The entire series is a lead up to the realization that, for these two people, they are simply meant to be together.

In Camelotwhen Sir Tristan is reincarnated as Lady Tristan, it causes her considerable distress and confusion. But Isolde reincarnated as a woman, as in her first life has no confusion at all.

She's in love with Tristan, regardless of Tristan's sex. She eventually gets past that with time, accepting that it's Ramona that Scott prefers. As in, to the point where he was very upset with Perky Goth Nico kissing him after saving them both from a death situation, crying openly when Gertrude dumps him, and planning to sacrifice himself from reality to bring her back.

Gert herself only has eyes for Chase, Single target sexuality tv tropes though he worries that she'll find the more intelligent Vic to be more attractive. Platinum of the Metal Menin her attraction to her creator Doc Magnus. She's not into other robots, or even any other men.

The Single-Target Sexuality trope as...

This is in Single target sexuality tv tropes with the rest of the team besides Tinwho seem to be asexual. For example, "He's not gay, he's Sirius-sexual. Although Germany and Japan are bi and gay respectively, they only ever had feelings for Italy.

They were that devoted to him. Harry Potter fic A Question of When stars little-known character Romilda Vane as a Peggy Sue who travels back in time from some unspecified point in the future not to save the Wizarding World The sheer amount of time she invests trying to romance him implied to be lifetimes and the fact that she doesn't notice any other boys or people, really, which gets her in trouble put her firmly in this category.

A lot of South Park fanfics portray Kyle as being Stan-o-sexual. Axis Powers Hetalia fans sometimes dub America as " Iggy -sexual" towards England and vice versa, mainly because they're a very popular Single target sexuality tv tropes Couple and it not being that hard to see America as being Tsundere for England only ; ditto with Romano as "Spain-sexual".

Japan is also sometimes depicted as being "Greece-sexual" with Greece as the only nation he can overcome his emotional reservedness and intimacy Single target sexuality tv tropes with. Depending on shipping preferences, Hungary and Prussia have always loved each other and her marriage to Austria was a loveless political union, Hungary and Austria only love each other, even after their divorce, or even Austria and Prussia Single target sexuality tv tropes have eyes for each other.

Subaru is described by Nove as "Teana-sexual" in Relationships Seriesand her older sister Ginga asks Single target sexuality tv tropes she'd be attracted to Teana even if she were male. A couple of this author's stories take this trope to a ludicrous extreme, whereby every single character in the story appears to have Single-Target Sexuality for This Scream fanfic as an OC that seems to be Charlie -sexual.

She's seventeen at the time. Later on, when she starts dating someone else he does nothing for her and she's still stuck on her friend. Yeah, it's weird In Armored Core: Made all the creepier because he doesn't love her back, and that he Mind Raped her into serving him as a ruthless member of his elite guard and her psychopathic love for him is the only remaining aspect of her personality.

In case you weren't clear, the person who Mind Raped her into serving him happens to be the protagonist. Can you spell Crapsack World? Sherlock is generally regarded as asexual, unless it's John, so, "John-sexual. Megamind fanfiction is rather split about this. One one side, the titular Anti-Villain is paired with practically every other major character, and then some. Then, on the other side, many fanfics portray him as Roxanne-sexual. At least one or two fanfics have his species mate for life.

Most of the time, he shows attraction to Kyon, and in one chapter explicitly calls himself Kyon-sexualin other chapters he exhibits his Abridged Series characterization, where he is equally shamelessly a paedophile. Further confusing matters is that in one Spin-Off chapter he does an entire song-and-dance routine about being straight all along. Far less ambiguous is Kyouko's lesbian crush on Sasaki, which has held for all chapters, except possibly for a gag in the court case arc where she states that she is not a virgin.

He doesn't even respond to his district partner Amber's advances, except with disgust—and apparently, she's quite attractive. Also, after Vale's deathObsidian seems to try and make himself fall for Vale's sister Maybellebut it's obvious—to her and everyone else—that he is still hung up on Vale.

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Sherlock and Beth Holmes in Children of Time. Sherlock is Beth's First Loveand, though she admires other men like Jeremy BrettSherlock remains her only serious attraction. Sherlock, on the other hand, falls in love with Beth long before he realizes it, and eventually tells her during their honeymoon that he would never have given romance much thought if she hadn't entered his life.

Corey is only in love with childhood friend Laney. After all, she was the only person his age who saved him from some local bullies. The Monsters University fanfic Born To Please has Chet Alexander becoming obsessed over Johnny Worthington, though it takes a while for the former to realize his true feelings for the latter.

Before she realized her attraction, she believed that her lack of reaction to other ponies was just due to her having a lot of self-control Single target sexuality tv tropes being able to put it out of her mind. No such luck with Trixie.

Since she is dead, Kaizer cares for no one. Hundreds of Single target sexuality tv tropes after 's death, when X and Aria Blaze start falling in love, Kaizer is unable to accept it and hates both of them. Later, talking to Controller 's ghost convinces Kaizer to move on and give Aria a chance.

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