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Less intimidating


Asking for referrals can be tough.

But in reality, the majority of happy customers are more than willing to give a referral when asked. While the first hurdle in asking for referrals is getting over your own insecurities or mental blocks associated with the process, here are five additional tips that make asking for referrals less intimidating.

This one might seem obvious, but the first step to feeling good Less intimidating asking for a referral is providing the best service possible. There will be times Less intimidating a customer has a sub-par interaction with your business. If you are proactive about Less intimidating out, apologizing, and asking for a second chance to wow them and then delivering on your promise the next timeyou might just create an even more loyal customer.

One way to mitigate this feeling is to establish a meaningful conversation with someone before you ask them for a referral. Send them a congratulatory note when you see on LinkedIn Less intimidating they reached a milestone in their career.

Forward them Less intimidating article that you think would be of interest to them. There are lots of simple ways that you can show support for someone that will make asking them for a referral further down the line feel like more of a part of a conversation rather than a demand coming out of nowhere. Of course, there is an art to doing this.

One of the best ways to generate referrals is by creating partnerships with other business owners.

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Work to find businesses that are providing a good or service that makes sense with the work your company does. If you own a shoe store, talk to Less intimidating cobbler down the street.

Asking a fellow business owner for referrals is not only a bit less intimidating than asking a customer, it also establishes a steady flow of referrals. Some people are hesitant to ask for referrals when it seems like a broad ask: Go onto LinkedIn and see Less intimidating any of your current clients have connections at Less intimidating businesses.

If so, you then have a specific referral ask that you can make. Would you be willing to put me in touch with your connection? This serves a few purposes.