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The most powerful governments in the world are


Not that American power increased over the past year. In Syria, Russia brutally assisted Assad in consolidating control over Aleppo and sidelined Washington in the subsequent peace talks. China continued to defy the American-led international order, building up its military presence in the South China Sea and reaching out to American allies like the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the widespread foreign perception that Donald Trump was unqualified to serve as the President of the United States contributed to a growing chorus of doubt as to whether the American people posses the wit and the wisdom to retain their international position.

Those concerns seemed to be growing in the early weeks of The populist surge that almost gave the Democratic nomination to the Socialist senator Bernie Sanders and brought Donald J.

Trump to the White House was a sign of just how alienated from politics as usual many Americans The most powerful governments in the world are become. Still, for all this gloom, there was good news to be had.

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