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Terry mortenson homosexuality in japan


The explosion in the center gun room killed 47 of the turret's crewmen and severely damaged the gun turret itself. Two major investigations were undertaken into the cause of the explosion, one by the U. The investigations produced conflicting conclusions. The first investigation into the explosion, conducted by the U. Navy, concluded that one of the gun turret crew members, Clayton Hartwig, who died in the explosion, had deliberately caused it.

During the investigation, numerous leaks to the media, later attributed to U. Navy officers and investigators, implied that Hartwig and another sailor, Kendall Truitt, had engaged in a homosexual relationship and that Hartwig had caused the explosion after their relationship had soured.

In its report, however, the U. Navy concluded that the evidence did not show that Hartwig was homosexual but that he was suicidal and had caused the explosion with either an electronic or chemical detonator. The victims' families, the media, and members of the U.

Congress were sharply critical of the U. House Armed Services Committees Terry mortenson homosexuality in japan held hearings to inquire into the Navy's investigation and later released reports disputing the U.

During its review, Sandia determined that a significant overram of the powder bags into the gun had occurred as it was being loaded and that the overram could have caused the explosion.

A subsequent test by the Navy of the overram scenario confirmed that an overram could have caused an explosion in the gun breech. Sandia's technicians also found that the physical evidence did not support the U. Navy's theory that an electronic or chemical detonator had been used to initiate the explosion. In response to the new findings, the U. Navy, with Sandia's assistance, reopened the investigation. In AugustSandia and the GAO completed their reports, concluding that the explosion was likely caused by an accidental overram of powder bags into the breech of the inch gun.

Navy, however, disagreed with Sandia's opinion Terry mortenson homosexuality in japan concluded that the cause of the explosion Terry mortenson homosexuality in japan not be determined. Navy expressed regret but did not offer apology to Hartwig's family and closed its investigation.

Ordered in under the Second Vinson ActIowa was the lead ship of her class of battleship. She remained in the Reserve Fleet until Under the command of Captain Gerald E. Gneckow, she was Terry mortenson homosexuality in japan on 28 Aprilone year ahead of schedule.

Bulkeley ; the ship failed the inspection. Lehman, who "Terry mortenson homosexuality in japan" advocated bringing the Iowa -class ships out of mothballs, did not take the ship out of service, but instructed the leaders of the Atlantic Fleet to ensure that Iowa ' s deficiencies were corrected.

A short time later, the ship retook and passed the evaluation. Between September and Januarysailors aboard Iowa reportedly conducted little training with her main guns, in part because of ongoing, serious maintenance issues with the main gun turrets.

According to Ensign Dan Meyer, the officer in charge of the ship's Turret One, morale and operational readiness among the gun-turret crews suffered greatly. In January Iowa ' s Master Chief Fire ControlmanStephen Skelley, and Gunnery Officer, Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Michael Costigan, persuaded Moosally to allow them to experiment with increasing the range of the main guns using "supercharged" powder bags and specially designed shells.

McEachren concealed his approval of the gunnery experiments from his superiors.

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