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Romance novel covers sexualized


As readers, we all too often succumb to the ease with which a book can be judged by its cover. While we may go in with an open-mind, when browsing shelves, more often than not, our eyes will fall on a bright, colorful cover over with bland lettering and a neutral tone.

And while images can be an added bonus, offering a point of focus, cover images can sometimes be a double-edged sword, as is often the case with romance book covers.

We all have pet-peeves when Romance novel covers sexualized comes to book covers. When it comes to romance novels, in particular, there are a variety of techniques used to develop cover art — all of which appeal to different readers.

While I find it more difficult to pick up romance novels that feature lifelike human images, others find those qualities to be attractive — after all, the romance novel is known for its appeal to Romance novel covers sexualized and sexual fantasy. If books are meant to be an escape, why then, are romance novels often the Romance novel covers sexualized of criticism or scorn that lead to common misconceptions?

Although we all have our own preferences for cover art, there are a lot of factors that fall into designing a book cover, especially for those works that fall into the romance genre. The following is an exploration of romance book covers, ranging across genre from contemporary to fantasy and everything in-between. As 82 percent of romance readers are female, according to a study conducted by the Romance Writers of America inand the genre typically caters toward the idea of fantasy, in the past, it was common to feature covers with the ideal representation of a man.

Nowadays, covers need to be unique. If every cover looks the same, readers are less likely to pick the book up. With the average age of romance readers being between 35 and 39 years, with the highest percentage falling into the 25 to 34 age bracket according to the RWApublishers have had to take new stances concerning romance book covers.

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The following are different categories of romance covers Romance novel covers sexualized the thought process that goes into creating them.

It is easy to take one glance at a realistic cover and make a split-second decision — even more so than with other covers in the romance genre, in part because we are seeing images that represent real people.

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Attractive to some and off-putting to others, these covers focus on the appearance of a character rather than a name, but you can often learn a lot about Romance novel covers sexualized. Although it is easy to dismiss these covers I know I have in the pastit is important to remember that they are meant to entice the reader and resemble the characters in the story, rather than real people.

Once you can get past Romance novel covers sexualized and see these romance covers as representations of the characters within, you may appreciate them more I know I do as they reveal a lot about the story hidden within the pages. Not to mention the fact that a significant amount of time, effort and resources go into producing these covers.

Covers featuring men or couples require more work than meets the eyeaccording to The Chicago Tribune. While stock photos are sometimes manipulated to create these covers to fit the intended genre — historical or regency romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance and, of course, erotica — models and sets are used as well.

They cater toward fantasy and, if used, are generally chosen to fit the intended characters in the book — if the cover looks real, it is meant to feel real to the story as well. Much like the process that goes into featuring scantily clad men and women, a similar drawn out process is taken for other realistic covers as well. Rather than focus solely on looks and poses, realistic covers that fall into different romance sub-genres including fantasy, historical and even science fiction romance tend to take a more history-based approach.

Props, costumes, and backgrounds are very important in these covers in order to achieve a certain look. Taking the cover for Breath of Firefor example, we see detailed armor and a blazing sword on a fierce woman, all of which cater toward a more character driven story, complete with action and backstory. When compared to overly sexualized covers, these covers tell a unique story and often tie in with the plot of the work rather than focus on the attractiveness of the characters.

Romance covers that take a more simplistic approach may be appealing to readers for a number Romance novel covers sexualized reasons. For some, they may seem more appropriate in a public setting as misconceptions about romance tend to make readers a bit more judgmental. "Romance novel covers sexualized"

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For others, it may just be a matter of taste. I know that I prefer unique, bold and bright covers more than those that are realistic because I enjoy visualizing characters on my own.

Either way, in this category of romance book covers, branding and popularity are more important than anything. Covers that fall into these categories often cater toward specific readers, while generating imagination in the unknown. In romance, some names sell better than others, especially when that name is Roberts. Her status as a giant in the romance world can be attributed to her transformation of the genre — she strives to write about fierce, strong women. The majority of her characters are not looking for love but focused on themselves — their independence, their professions, their hobbies.

Her novels, which incorporate elements of fantasy such as in Honest Illusionsor mystery and suspense, such as in Come Sundownfeature compelling plot lines more than anything else. Relationships are always involved, but they are never "Romance novel covers sexualized" sole focus of the story. Others, such as the one Romance novel covers sexualized Honest Illusionsfeature small, simplistic objects.

But that may mean more to some than others. A bold, somewhat simplistic cover may mean more to some readers in that they may possibly be able to see themselves in a book.

Through clever branding utilizing faceless sketches of men and women, the bright covers featuring bold titles in similar fonts are both eye-catching and appealing at first glance. Instead, the men and women featured on these romance book covers could be anyone, which is, in itself, a beautiful thing — one that is also mirrored in the series itself. Each book in the series follows a different plot line and couple, although small connections do exist in terms of character relationships that tie the series together.

Romance book covers that feature bold, bright colors and images are perhaps the most eye-catching of the bunch. While embracing couples, sexy men and larger than life names may jump out at you, a bright color or bold, readable image may capture your interest faster and from a further distance while browsing a bookstore or taking a look at new release lists online. These covers tend to be more memorable, as they often have a bit of character and usually feature images that are loud and unique.

Where realistic covers focus on appearance and more simplistic covers Romance novel covers sexualized on imagination, bold, bright covers tend to focus on attributes, themes, and ideas. If you are looking for a cover with a bit of personality that will let you know more about the characters — their struggles and stories — look no further than the cover of The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang.

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Pair that with the faceless couple and you have an added romance element that plays into fantasy and allows the reader to use their own imagination as well. Does it perhaps allude to the challenges that come with complex equations be they mathematical, romantic or otherwise? Bold, bright covers that embrace the personality of the work through various means are perhaps the most intriguing, if only because a reader can really take time Romance novel covers sexualized analyze them and form their own opinions.

By taking the focus off of the couple or individual, these sorts of romance book covers suggest that there is more to the genre than meets the eye.

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Having a bold cover does not necessarily make it a lighter read. In fact, bold covers can and do often feature imagery that suggests that the book has a darker element, such as those employed in the Fifty Shades series by E. Compared to "Romance novel covers sexualized" other romance book covers explored in this article, the one for Fifty Shades Freed bares almost no resemblance.

Why then, are these covers attractive to some readers? Bold images and objects may generate more interest in a reader than, say, a person, due to the significance placed on the object itself. Many readers may wonder what the cover has to do if anything with the story within, which may drive them to pick up a novel such as Fifty Shades Freed. The images included pique the imagination and can be analyzed in different ways by different readers, opening up a new forum of discussion.

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Romance novel covers sexualized

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