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Jacob milgrom homosexuality statistics


Monday, 24 February Jacob Milgrom on Homosexuality. Excerpts from Jacob Milgrom, Leviticus Thus the difference between the biblical legislation and other Near Eastern laws must not be overlooked: Many theories have been propounded to provide a rationale for this prohibition.

Jacob Milgrom on Homosexuality. Excerpts...

To be sure, a rationale is given with staccato emphasis—the pollution Jacob milgrom homosexuality statistics the land—in the concluding exhortation vv. The common denominator of all the prohibitions, I submit, is that they involve the emission of semen for the purpose of copulation, resulting in either incest and illicit progeny or, as in this case, lack of progeny or its destruction in the case of Molek worship, v. In a word, the theme with Ramban is procreation.

Semen emission per se is not forbidden; it just defiles, but purificatory rites must follow. But in certain cases of sexual congress, it is strictly forbidden, and severe consequences must follow.

Indeed, it is the assumption that H is fully cognizant of P that throws light on an anomaly that, to my knowledge, no previous scholar has dealt with: Why is masturbation—the willful spilling of seed—not proscribed? An ancillary question concerns birth control.

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May a married couple practice coitus interruptus? The example of Onan Gen His act is condemned because he refused to act as the levir and thus denied an heir to his deceased brother.

Analogously to the case of masturbation, the silence of our text would permit the inference that birth control was not prohibited as long as the couple reproduced itself…. Female sexual relations are nowhere prohibited in Scripture, nor anywhere else to my knowledge in the ancient Near East.

Surely, lesbianism was known! Hebrew Scriptures ignored it contrast Rom 1: The legal reason for interdicting anal intercourse see below is the waste, the nonproductive spilling, of seed—the equivalence of Onanism Gen Finally, it is imperative to draw the logical conclusion of this discussion for our time.

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If my basic thesis is correct that the common denominator of the entire list of sexual prohibitions, including homosexuality, is procreation within a stable family, then a consolatory and compensatory remedy is at hand for Jewish gays non-Jews, unless they live within the boundaries of biblical Israel, are not subject to these laws; see chap. The question can be asked: The answer simply is that this option was not available, since ancient Israel did not practice adoption cf.

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Tigay ; Knobloch ; the alleged cases of Est 2: Williamson ] reflect foreign practice. However, sexual liaisons occurring with males outside these relations would not be forbidden.

In effect, this means that the homosexual prohibition applies to Ego with father, son, and brother subsumed in v. Posted by Thomas Renz at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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