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Alex, another classic month on the blog. You've provided us with a very amusing time over the last two months and I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of all of us here at BBC Learning English and our blog readers. I feel unable to say more because your blogs speak so well for themselves. Good luck and our best wishes. I hope that we will see you and Friday joining in here occasionally over the months. "Free chat dating rooms karachi weather bbc," let me mention our new teacher blogger.

As is usual, I'll not say much. In fact I'll only give you her name - Jo Kent. Welcome Jo and good luck. Now you can enjoy a bit of a rest. But first of all I should tell you a bit about myself. You know those textbooks you had to study in school? The ones that contain reading comprehension exercises, writing tasks and grammar explanations?

I live in Hampshire, which is a county in southern England. In fact, I live way out in the sticksnear a little village called West Meon. I lived in big cities for a while, but now I like the peace and quiet of the countryside.

The only problem is that if you want to "Free chat dating rooms karachi weather bbc" shopping, you have to get in your car and drive. If you work freelance, you are self-employed, and usually work for several clients. Someone who lives in the sticks lives in the countryside, a long way away from a big city. We use it to describe someone who is addicted to shopping. A craving is a strong desire for something. Naheed, I can see you have a very strong grasp of the English language.

In fact, your English is so good I think Free chat dating rooms karachi weather bbc can probably take the rest of the month off. Well done to you! Just a note about the verbs you use to describe flavours, Naheed. We use the verb taste when we want to talk about flavours, and the verb feel when we want to talk about things we can touch. This is just a small point — I can still understand perfectly what you mean.

But can I make one small correction? Did you know that Shakespeare coined hundreds of words and phrases that we still use to this day? Some of these words and phrases have the exact same meaning they had when he wrote them hundreds of years ago, and some have changed in meaning slightly.

Actually, Shakespeare leads me nicely onto your comments and questions about my first-ever blog. Melissa from China wanted to know how to understand the Free chat dating rooms karachi weather bbc of Shakespeare. This is no mean featas Shakespearian language is tricky to understand because it was written so long ago and is very different from current-day language. You know, it is much easier to understand what someone means if you can see their face, their gestures and their expression, as well as hear what they are saying.

I wonder, is it possible for you to watch a DVD of the Shakespeare you are reading?

The forecast is beautiful. Prepare...

If you can see the actors and their expressions, it will certainly help you. This was just me being daft!

Maybe I can explain, Phu. And secondly, I have lots of pets, and I think animals prefer living in the countryside to living in a city. Maybe I can tell you a bit more about my pets in my future blogs, if you are interested.

No, I not getting married! I have to go to a rehearsal for the christening of my little niece, baby Sophie. Jo Vocabulary If you have a strong grasp of something, you understand it well. The verb to coin means to invent. It is commonly used when talking about new words and phrases. If I throw you in at the deep endit means I give you something difficult to do, without providing any help. This is a natural exclamation. You can use it to express a range of emotions like surprise, pain, joy and shock.

A christening is a formal ceremony in church when Free chat dating rooms karachi weather bbc child is given its name. I hope you all had a good weekend. The weather here in the UK was gloriousso it was just perfect for the christening of my niece, Sophie.

There, she was welcomed by the vicar, given her name and blessed. The vicar also poured holy water on her forehead to baptise her. As godmother, I had to promise to give Sophie encouragement to live a good life, and to try to set an example for her.

I assume this means I have to set a good example rather than a bad one! After the ceremony, we all went to the local pub for food, cutting of the christening cake and a chitchat.

It was a good chance for friends and family to catch up and to celebrate the arrival of a new member of our clan. You can see a picture of me holding little Sophie on this page. I wonder, what do you all do in your countries to celebrate the arrival of a new baby? Naheed, many thanks for your kind wishes for Sophie. You talk about some of the countries that buy mangoes and say: I just wanted to pick you up on a couple of Free chat dating rooms karachi weather bbc language points here.

However, you could also use the adjectival form, Middle Eastern. So you could rewrite your sentence in two ways: For example, I come from Englandand I am English. Naheed, you come from Pakistanand you are Pakistani. I wonder if you can tell me the adjectives that relate to the following nouns: Noun Britain France Spain The Philippines Taiwan I should also put you out of your misery regarding the meaning of those phrases coined by Shakespeare. They smelled to high heaven.

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Sarah lost three stone on her mango diet, but then she went on holiday and put all the weight back on again. Her weight went full circle. Yesterday I got offered my dream job. It means I can earn more money, move to the capital and further my career, all in one fell swoop. Mangoes and vinegar might seem like strange bedfellows, but the combination of sweet and sour works well in some recipes.

It means you can do anything and go anywhere, e. The world will be my oyster.

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Naheed, I look forward to hearing more about your life in Pakistan, and thanks for the mouth-watering descriptions of mangoes. Our traditional summer fruit in Britain is probably the strawberry. Strawberries are coming into season right now, and they go really well with cream. When you bite into a sweet, juicy strawberry, you know that summer has arrived in the UK. Bye for now, Jo Vocabulary If the weather is gloriousyou can expect blue skies, warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. Babies bawl a lot — they scream loudly.

A frock is a slightly old-fashioned word for a dress. When you have a chitchatyou have a friendly, light-hearted talk. In this context, if you catch up with someone, you find out about all their news and what has been happening to them.

A clan is a family group. A gown is a dress for a special occasion.

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