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Jason-shane scott dating


Lance has sustained a leg injury that requires him to be bedridden with at-home care. When Chloe Hartley is recommended for the job, she seems so perfect for the task. Taking on the role of the Nightmare Nurse was a welcome change for Hartley, who along "Jason-shane scott dating" her real life boyfriend, Jason-Shane Scott Ex-Will, OLTL have found their niche playing some not-so-nice, good looking individuals of late. On-Air On-Soaps caught up with the beautiful and talented Hartley to get the lowdown on her frightening medical role, her upcoming horror flick, and if a Passions reunion should be discussed with so many TV shows about the supernatural becoming very successful on primetime, that a return to the town of Harmony might just be what the doctor, err, nurse ordered.

I did not audition for this one.

My agent called me over a weekend, and said they made an offer for me to play this part in this movie. They wanted me to read the script in like two hours and get back to them since they started shooting on Tuesday. So, I really quickly read the script and thought it was fantastic, and I loved it.

It kind of reminded me of Theresa Jason-shane scott dating Passions having a bad day! It really reminds me so much of that character. So I got back to them and said I would do it. So, I had known the "Jason-shane scott dating" and been over to their house before. Then even crazier was I actually knew the executive producer. So this was a bit of trial by fire in the shooting process of playing Nurse Chloe in the film?

Here I am on Tuesday morning, and they had re-written the script, the night before we started shooting. I got to set and I basically had to learn as I would go throughout the day. I was working on set, and then sitting on the floor and memorizing and going through the scenes.

It was really hard to know: Absolutely, the quick-thinking that you get from working on soap operas, and how they train you helped me get through this one. I had an amazing time. I loved working with the director who is a friend of mine, and the cast was such a great group of people.

Clearly, she must be off-kilter! There is a twist Jason-shane scott dating to why she is there within the movie, but she shows up to take of Lance Steven Goodand then things go wrong. She starts going a little nuts. In the teaser clip they released for the Jason-shane scott dating, you see that the nurse is thinking about overdosing Lance. You think she wants to murder him and the movie is set-up in a certain way. She legitimately has mental issues that she has been treated for in the past, so she has got some problems.

Why she is still allowed to be a nurse?

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