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In Brazil, credit cards have become the primary banking instrument for individuals, requiring special attention by the bank in order to encourage their conscientious use. In Latin America, our growth focus was in retail activities, in which we have grown above the market average in all countries where we operate, Itaucard beneficios online dating by the positive economic climate in the region.

We support the business of Brazilian companies abroad, which require different types of services, such as credit and advisory on acquisitions, imports and exports, in addition to fund raising to finance local development.

This internationalization of Brazilian companies, coupled with the desire of foreigners to invest in Brazil, led us to restructure our subsidiaries to fully meet our international clients. Product development and labeling The bank has a Corporate Policy for the Evaluation of Products, Operations and Processes, whose guidelines are internally defined in circular HF 28 financial holding.

This policy which aims to establish a standard process of Product Evaluation Governance for new products and products being modified, ensuring that Itaucard beneficios online dating plans, decisions and efforts are consistent with trade and ethics policies and authority levels established by existing regulations and senior management.

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The evaluation of products, operations and processes should cover all the major risks that are faced, whether they are credit, market, tax, operational, legal, etc. The process should also determine which of the above mentioned risks are controllable or not.

For the controllable risks, the organization should evaluate Itaucard beneficios online dating it should accept or minimize them, through the implementation of controls. As for those that cannot be controlled, the organization must decide whether to reduce the level of business activity or to accept them, proposing another possible solution that mitigates the indicated risks. In all stages of the product flow, outsourcing processes are evaluated by the areas involved, for the purposes of identifying the risks and impacts for clients.

The scope of application of the above mentioned policy involves product and services development Itaucard beneficios online dating the entire holding company. The policy and its guidelines are published on the intranet so that they can be accessed by employees.

A monitoring control is being implemented, in which there will be focus points for areas considered critical such as Legal, Accounting, IT and Operational Risk, among others, to report requests for the development or modification of ordered products.

FS15 PR3 In Latin America, our growth focus was in retail activities, in which we have grown above market average in all countries where we operate, driven by the positive economic climate in the region.

Commercial banking Serving different stakeholders The commercial banking segment offers a wide range of banking services to a diversified base of individuals and companies. The services offered by this area include insurance, private pension and capitalization products, credit cards, asset management, credit products and customized products and solutions designed specifically to meet the demands of clients.

It its greater because we deliver a new type of service to Itaucard beneficios online dating more than 40 million clients. We created an entirely new relationship structure, which reflects the qualities of our brand and strengthens a bank that is increasingly competent, personal, helpful and dependable.

The magnitude of the project required synergy between all areas, so that together we could build Itaucard beneficios online dating environment to meet the needs of our clients. Every detail has been painstakingly thought out to create branches whose environment is accessible to all the different stakeholders. This demonstrates the value proposition that the bank wants to build with its clients, promoting transparency, responsible lending and financial education as a way of perpetuating our relationships.

The project has mobilized more than suppliers 65 furniture suppliers alone contributing to the creation of both direct and indirect jobs: There were construction companies involved and over 1, people working just in logistics and transportation. During this period, communication with account holders was intense. Detailed information about new current account data, passwords, products and service channels were sent at least one month prior to the change.

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During the process, overvolumes were transported, totaling around 1. The data processing centers have been integrated and updated. A team comprising 6, employees from the technology area has put in 3, hours into developing 2, projects in order to be able to deliver, to our clients, the convenience of remote service, with simplified processes which cater to the needs of the client who is just beginning to interact with the financial market, as well as those of the savviest investor.

This new branch concept shall be implemented in the expansion of the new network and in the customer site branches, with renovations scheduled for To offer appropriate products and services, the bank has segmented its services for three types of clients:. The Retail Client group contains the majority of the individual current account holders. On the website, users can find tips on how to organize budgets and planning. We understand that these clients have already fulfilled some of their aspirations and are transitioning to establishing their equity, requiring a special financial assistance and products and services that are suitable for this phase in their lives, which is more focused on long-term credit and investments.

They also have a modern website at their disposal: Within the Todos pelo Cliente philosophy, we seek to be more flexible in creating products and services for a wide range of clients and the different phases of their Itaucard beneficios online dating, leveraging our expertise and exclusive service to help them achieve their goals.

Cliente Estrela Star Client — we revamped this product after we noted, from a survey of consumers, its importance as a symbol Itaucard beneficios online dating prestige and distinctive treatment. They seek practical solutions in the electronic tools of financial institutions, so they can go about their day-to-day business.

The transactions included in the package are unlimited and free of charge, since the user will Itaucard beneficios online dating be charged a monthly maintenance fee. Segmented Products — we invest in product segmentation as a way of making credit granting quicker for the client. Inthree types of lines were launched: Renovation, Solar Itaucard beneficios online dating and Travel. Forwe expect to increase the product portfolio in line with the development of Brazilian economy.

By means of the debt statement, the client knows exactly how much they owe to the bank in each type of transaction. The service was created for clients to better organize their finances and use funds in a cautious way.

On the Internet, the client finds the option that is best suited to their profile, learns how to use the simulator tool and apply for the products Itaucard beneficios online dating, accesses important tips that should be taken into consideration when taking out any type of loan, whether a short or long term operation such as for purchasing property.

Reduction of the arrears interest rate — the reduction of the arrears interest rate significantly benefits clients who are behind on the payment of their loan contracts. Per month, 75, users access this tool for simulation.

When choosing credit in accordance with their needs, the client avoids unnecessary costs and excessive indebtedness. The user can choose between four goals: In Decemberthe website, with its Itaucard beneficios online dating layout and more simple language, was visited by approximately 6, people. This is because the Credit Guider is more than a financial calculator that shows the monthly installment for achieving a goal: The model promotes dialogue and stimulates communities, organizations and individuals to organize, in their communities, events like TED, which gather people to share ideas and experiences.

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