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Dating next door neighbors


But with a little patience and an open mind, sometimes you can dig through the mundane conversations and dick pics and actually meet an awesome person.

One time, my date showed up dressed in an Elmo costume. I kid you not. A "Dating next door neighbors" Elmo costume, complete with a giant, fuzzy head. I was dating a guy I met on Tinder for a few months.

We never discussed exclusivity, which was fine by me. I was over at his house one night after a couple weeks of not seeing him. After a romantic evening of making dinner together, drinking wine, and listening to records, I excused myself to use the washroom. Beside his toilet was a lidless garbage container, and sitting on top of the overflowing pile of trash were several very used condoms.

Another time, I was involved in an Dating next door neighbors kidnapping. My friend set up a double date on Tinder while we were on vacation. Our dates-turned-kidnappers came to pick us up at our hotel, and instead of driving us to the agreed upon bar, they continued to drive us 30 minutes down the highway despite our objections and panic-filled shouting. Finally, our would-be-kidnappers were kind enough to dump us on the side of the Dating next door neighbors when we threatened to call the police.

After managing to hitchhike home, my friend and I agreed that this experience was, simply put, the worst Tinder date ever. After these experiences, I was ready to put Tinder behind me forever… But after a few final swipes. I matched with a guy named Sergey. He seemed nice, funny, and refreshingly normal.

We exchanged some entertaining pleasantries for a few days, and then I gave him my phone number with the intention that we would set a time to meet for drinks. I had just moved into a new apartment downtown. I was so excited to live on my own, roommate free. For the first time, I could buy my own furniture and decorate my home exactly as I wanted.

As I was decorating one night, my phone buzzed. It was a text message from Sergey asking what I was up to. I enthusiastically told him I had just finished decorating the living room of my new apartment.

I followed the text with a photo of my mantel adorned with fairy lights, candles, and plants. I do live in the Empress.

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