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By around BC people had moved into the foothills piedmont of northernmost Mesopotamia where there was enough rainfall to allow for "dry" agriculture in some places. These were the first farmers in northernmost Mesopotamia Assyria. They made Hassuna style pottery cream slip with reddish paint in linear designs.

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Hassuna people lived in small villages or hamlets ranging from 2 to 8 acres. Probably few if any Hassuna villages exceeded people Bruce Owen at Sonoma State University and his Class Anthropology At Tell Hassuna, south of Mosuladobe dwellings built around open central courts with fine painted pottery replace earlier levels with crude pottery.

Hand axes, sickles, grinding stones, bins, baking ovens and numerous bones of domesticated animals reflect settled agricultural life.

Female figurines have been related to worship and jar burials within which food was placed related to belief in afterlife. The relationship of Hassuna pottery to that of Jericho suggests that village culture was becoming widespread The Samarran Culture dated back to - BC.

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The finding of the first significant irrigation at Samarra suggests that there was more investment in the land as far as farming for crops. The setting up of irrigation also showed that Periodo paleolitico y neolitico yahoo dating city was a very permanent settlement and that the settlement prospered as a result of the advances that they made Irrigation canals were introduced during the Choga Mami phase approximately contemporary with early examples in the Mandali Plain to the northwest at the site of Choga Mami itself.