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Whisper challenge sentences yahoo dating


Everyone likes a compliment. Priscilla de Castro for Yahoo Health. You Whisper challenge sentences yahoo dating so brilliant and sensitive for deciding to click on this article!

Oh, and did we mention that your outfit is to die for — and your hair looks amazing? Sure, everyone loves getting a compliment. But, like Pinot blends and modern art, not all flattery is created equal. The thing is, kind words can fall flat if you default to focusing on shallow stuff, like clothing. Or, they can seem insincere if delivered with the wrong intention.

Mind if I cut you in line? Still, flattery is a skill worth honing, because spot-on admiration can be a powerful tool when it comes to greasing the wheels of your social and work life. And ultimately, we love to be around those who recognize our best qualities.

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Behold, the five secrets to flattery that will truly resonate:. The more specific the praise, the more potent its effect.

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