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Sexy coupon book ideas for husband


I'm making my boyfriend a coupon book with romantic things we can do. They can either be sweet and simple, or kinky. Some examples are move and a pizza night in, tying me up, Sexy coupon book ideas for husband blow job while driving, picnic for two I'm just looking for some ideas from men! Tell me Sexy coupon book ideas for husband and simple things you'd love as well as some fun kinky sex ideas. And before anyone tries to judge and say that only boring vanilla couples need books like this, and sex should happen naturally without a coupon No worries, our sex life is perfectly fine and wonderful!

Having this book is just a fun way to add in some random sex that he can just use at any time when we're not already fooling around. Dude, I'd almost rather have an entire booklet full of "Free Back Rubs" than kinky sex things. I give so many back and foot massages, but rarely get one in return. I don't need a happy ending. Take off my shirt and break out the coconut oil, and I'm putty in your hands.

I already have a romantic massage with a happy ending in there: P I do plan on doubling up with some of them such as the BJ'sso I'll add in some more massages!

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I'm happy to do them anyway! For some reason when I read the happy ending part I saw Peter Griffin dressed as an Asian woman saying "You want happy ending? Him and I haven't gotten too far into fantasies yet, but I think we're both on the tame side. Like, we could go for light bondage like tying each other up and blindfolding, but nothing painful.

I know he has interest in a rape roleplay, but I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that one -yet- so I might not put it on there.

Although I'm not putting an expiration date so I could always reject that one Sexy coupon book ideas for husband I'm comfortable: I'm perfectly fine being dominated by him. As far as me dominating, I can take the "lead" but I wouldn't call it being dominating. I always picture dominating as being rough and to the point, and I might still be a little too shy for that.

But, I'd definitely like to get into it! I wouldn't have a problem tying him up and blindfolding him and doing what I want. But that's a lot easier because of the blindfold: Roughness and domination are entirely separate though not exclusive.

Domination can be entirely verbal. I see what you mean, thanks! And thank you for the offer, but I'm not delving too far into it. I'll just do a regular double knot: I know he has interest in a rape roleplay, but I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that one.

The thing is that they have to be redeemable. Say you give a coupon for "1 blowjob", and you he tries to use it when it isn't a good time for you. Obviously your boyfriend isn't a douchebag, your still with him, so he's not going to fight you on refusing to honor a coupon. The important thing to understand is that the coupon won't be coming out when he would be getting a blowjob anyway. Which means Sexy coupon book ideas for husband with that coupon you're committing to a blowjob on a day that you might not feel like giving a blowjob.

On other hand you can make it clear he should only be redeeming the coupons when he'd get those things anyway, and the coupon can be a sort of foreplay, which can absolutely be fine, as long as that is understood. I'm just trying to explain that getting "promise cards" for awesome gifts and never being able to use them is a terrible gift.

Its like an ungift. On a tangent, I'd advise giving more elaborate sexy coupons like "Dinner prepared and served in lingerie", something that he wouldn't ever normally get. I know what you mean! We already discussed that actually. I basically told him to use good judgement. He already said he won't be using them when he'd be getting one anyway, but he knows not to whip one out ha if I'm crying or something extremely sad is going on.

I do "Sexy coupon book ideas for husband" how it can be lame, but the good thing is, it's just a gift for fun. I still get him physical gifts he can do things with, and this isn't even for a holiday. I like the dinner in lingerie idea! If he plays games, there's nothing in life quite like a Call of Duty blowjob.

Could you put the seat down you little slut? I had a really great day you little slut. I'm hungry you little slut. Both parties will read the newspaper during the session and discuss the news. Includes the option of staying home in boxers watching TV. Cleaning your tools, working on your thesis, going through your wardrobe, organising your papers or books, reinstalling your PC, etc. Usually, these coupon book things don't work well. Often, people give coupon books as gifts because they are too lazy to think of a gift that their partner would actually enjoy.

Also, people frequently don't think about the practical aspects of a coupon book. For example, if your bf tried to use a coupon for a blowjob, but you weren't in the mood for a blowjob, would you give him a blowjob anyways?

From my relationship Sexy coupon book ideas for husband, it's more fun to do things when both people want to do so, not when one person feels obligated to do so. I understand your thought and concern, but that's why I wrote the disclaimer at the end of my post.

We do have sex when we both want to all the time, and I wanted to add in some random ones so he could just use one while I'm just browsing the computer or doing something mindless. He knows obviously not to try and use one if I'm sitting there depressed or crying: Also, I'm not too lazy to think of gifts for him.

This isn't even a birthday or holiday gift. It's just something fun to give him for no reason! He knows obviously not to try and use one if I'm sitting there depressed or crying. If he can only redeem the coupon when you are also in the mood to have sex, then what is the point in having the coupons?

How will using the coupons change anything? Not depressed and crying doesn't mean in the mood. I'm saying I want him to surprise me with them. Just because I'm not upset doesn't mean I'm horny, but if he presents me with a coupon at random, it'll be fun and exciting for the both of us.

Do you know what I mean? People aren't constantly horny just because they're in a good mood, usually someone has to spark it. So by using a coupon it can instantly get me in the mood. Yes, he could approach me without one, but the point is to add in some fun, not so common things that we wouldn't just do Sexy coupon book ideas for husband day.

He can always initiate sex with me, as do I with him. And yes we could just talk about these fantasy things, but it's always nice to have the idea already presented for you.

Our sex life is fulfilling and I just want to add in something fun. Besides, it's not like they'll last forever. I suggest you talk with people who have actually used sex coupon books before.

I think the general consensus is that it isn't much fun. It seems that you really like the idea of sex coupon book. Maybe your bf should give you a coupon book as a present since you seem to enjoy the idea? They talked about coupon books in this thread. The general consensus was that coupon books were a huge turn off.

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Why not like a wheel of fortune that you've got to throw a dart at! This way you keep things random and spontaneous and maybe even a little bit weird.

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