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Chinese zodiac marriage combinations are similar to Western astrological combinations.

These combinations are a good starting place for determining if you have any astrological aspects in common. One legend states Buddha named the twelve animals in the zodiac while another claims it was a Chinese Emperor. During his birthday party, the Chinese Emperor challenged his animal guests to a race. The prize would be awarded to only twelve of the animals.

One animal would be assigned to each month in the year and would be selected according to how each placed in the race. The rat and cat were very close friends and agreed to start the race together the next morning.

However, the rat didn't wake his friend and sneaked off to the race without the cat. During the racecourse, the rat came to a river and tricked the ox into giving him a ride on the larger animal's back.

Before the ox could climb out of the river, the rat jumped to the bank and dashed off to the palace where he was declared the winner of first place. The cat woke up after the race was over and ever since has been after the rat in a rage of vengeance.

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